Selling Secrets

3 Simple Steps to Selling your Alaskan Real Estate

With these 3 tips you can start your listing off right, even in this crazy Alaskan real estate market

1. Make sure your buyers actually want to come into your house

Now this might seem like an obvious statement but keep in mind that buyers more often than not only see one picture of your home to begin with and that is usually a picture of the outside. How does the landscape look? What condition was the home in when the photo was taken? Sometimes the only  picture an agent can display is the front of the house or sometimes the view from the house. If your house doesn't present that well but offers a nicer view, use that. But if you have no other choice then make that first picture a good one. Keep fresh flowers in bloom and make sure they contrast nicely with your home. You don't want yellow flowers against a yellow house. Use bright red blooms and textures such as spiky plants next to softer ones. Vary tree heights and make sure all shrubbery is neatly trimed. Get some sulfuric nitrate for the grass to really spruce up the green color. Keep driveways clear of leaves or moss. (Learn more about colors and designs from my Ruidoso real estate connections)

2. Make that entrance way and room flow stand out (in a GOOD way!)

Do you have anything blocking your entry way or causing confusion when people come in? Remember, buyers are not usually alone when they enter your home. They will have their agent with them and possibly more family members. Keep the area as clean and clear as possible. This also includes your front porch as buyers are going to be looking around while their agent works with the keybox before opening your door. Is their good flow to the rooms? Is each room specifically defined for what it was originally built for? This means no offices in dining rooms or kids rooms that have over taken the living room. Keep each to it's own purpose and keep halls and walk ways clear and clean.

3. Keep odors and smells at bay... unless they are the good kind.

This will be hard for you as the seller to determine since you live in the house. Get a trusted neighbor or friend to walk through your home and point out any unpleasant smells. Tobacco, pets, or just a mildew smell can really drive away buyers. Buyers don't want to think "work" when they walk through a house. They like move in ready homes and if there is a smell they think no matter what, they will have to deal with this eventually. Take care of this for them and you won't have to worry about that ever crossing their minds. Put a bowl of cinnamon in the oven, light a coupe candles for ambiance and mood or simple place a mild furnace scent on the filter such as vanilla or cinnamon. This can travel throughout your home and give buyers that calm and relaxation that your home can bring.

By following these simple ideas, it can put you light years ahead so many other homes out there. By narrowing the buyer's choices down to your home, you can be certain your home will sell quickly. For specific ideas and tips on how to stage and display your Alaskan real estate, contact me today. 

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